Newhall History

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Religion and Religious Houses in Newhall

St John the Evangelist, Church Street (Church of England)

Built in 1833 by Rev. John Clay, vicar of Stapenhill, at the cost of £7000. Register dates from 1833.

Consecrated 9th July 1834. Erected jointly by Rev Joseph Clay and Miss Sarah Clay.


  • 1833> John Henry Moran
  • <1844> Frederick Goold
  • 1845-1858 Roger Taylor Burton
  • 1858-1863 William Henry Harke
  • 1863-1876 Marlborough Crosse
  • 1876> Albert Henry Arden
  • <1881> William Martin
  • <1881> James Shepherd
  • 1882-1887 George Dent Wharam
  • 1888-1899 Edgar Henry Rand
  • <1905> W.L. Latham
  • 1906-1918 Arthur Grafftey Smith
  • 1920s? ? Armstrong
  • <1924> Alfred Boorman
  • <1927> Linsan Alfred William Graves
  • 1932-1941 William Henry Goffin
  • <1960> Sidney Crawford

Ebenezer Chapel, Main Street

Built 1887 in front of an older chapel which was built in 1859.

  • 1905 – Edwin I. Devenish (minister)
  • 1942 – J. Percival
  • 1964 – A. Juan Thompson
  • 1982 – A. Redfern (local preacher)
Free United Methodist Chapel, Chapel Street

Built in 1863 for £900, renamed to Central Methodist before 1874, enlarged 1933.

1912 – Rev. Ernest White

<1928-1932> – Rev. Danl. G. Ellwood

<1936-1941> – Rev. Samuel Sandercock

From 2007?

£7,500 Purpose: Protection of foundations against subsidence; repairs to roof to prevent water ingress.

NCMC was built in 1863 and has continually provided a place of worship and nurture for the local community. The building consists of the main worship area with a balcony and total seating for 650. In 1899 two school rooms were added and in the mid 1930s a major refurbishment was undertaken involving the installation of electric lighting, new pews, pulpit, communion furniture and a three manual organ (one of the finest in the district). The church has a graveyard. Grade II listing status was given to the church in 1981.

United Methodist Circuit, 1896 (Lichfield Record Office – BD86/2/9)

Particulars of Trust property United Free Church Model Deed, Freehold value £950, Present debt £450, deed deposited with Mr B Bridge, trustees meet about twice a year, treasurer Mr J Locker, Dalston Road, Newhall, secretary Mr H Barnes , Bretby Road, Newhall, last years working income £62.6.2, expenses £62.1.8 1/2, balance 4.5 ½, original number of trustees – 18, 12 others added 8th March 1890.

Names and addresses of existing trustees:

  • B Bridge Newhall
  • S Robinson Burton
  • Joseph Eames Newhall
  • Joseph Earp Newhall
  • Edwin Earp Newhall
  • William Earp Newhall
  • Josiah Lockey Newhall
  • Joseph Hudson Newhall
  • Edward Riddell Newhall
  • Fletcher Taylor Newhall
  • Arthur Walley Newhall
  • Henry Barnes Newhall
  • Herbert Chell Newhall
  • George Blood Newhall
  • Henry Harvey Newhall
  • Carnice Burton Newhall

Signed by Henry Woolslely, Jun 8 1896

Jehovah’s Witness Church

Wellwood Road

Now used as a children’s day nursery since 2007.

Arminian Methodist Chapel

Petitions for Registration of Protestant Meeting Houses – Newhall Arminian Methodist Chapel, 1835. Lichfield Record Office (B/A/12ii/20)

To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry and to his Registrar.

I Robert Ripley of Derby in the County of Derby, Tape Manufacturer do hereby certify that a certain new chapel to situate at Newhall in the County of Derby used as an Arminian Methodist Chapel and now in the occupation on myself and others as Trustees thereof is intended forthwith to be used as a place of religious worship by an Assembly or Congregation of Protestants; and I do hereby require you to register the same according to the provisions of the Act passed in the 52nd year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Third, intituted “An Act to repeal certain Acts, and amend other Acts, relating to Religious Worship, and Assemblies, and persons teaching or preaching therein,” and I do hereby request a Certificate thereof. Witness my hand this fourth day of September 1835,

Robert Riley

This certificate was duly registered and certified this 5th September 1835

J. Mott D.J. Rev

Primitive Methodist Chapel

Built 1859

Roman Catholic Church,  Oversetts Road

St. Edward the Confessor

Built 1885

1895 – Rev Hubert Deburgh

Now demolished, houses built

St Andrews Mission Church, Oversetts Road (Catholic)

1927 Rev Linsan Alfred William Graves

1932-1941 Rev William Henry Goffin

Wesleyan Methodist, High Street

Later - Kensington Hall, used by St. John's

Wesleyan Reformers Chapel, Main Street

Built 1855 by Daniel Bennet, a preacher, and several others. The Free United Methodist Chapel was built beside it. New houses were built into the walls of this chapel.